About Crooked Tree Lodge & Camps

Crooked Tree Lodge is the outdoors person’s one stop place for everything outdoors.  Our operations by Big Boom’s Northern Maine Adventures boasts Maine Moose Hunting, Maine Black Bear Hunting featuring Black Bear Hunting with Bait as well as Black Bear Hunting with Hounds, Deer Hunting, Small Game and Bird Hunting, as well as cabin rentals and access to the North Maine Woods. Crooked Tree hosts Maine’s premier Hunting Outfitter!

Operations & Management

In 2017, long time owner Denny Davis sold Crooked Tree Lodge to Bill and Stephanie Tobey. The camp is owned by Bill and Stephanie and all booking & operations are handled by Big Boom’s Northern Maine Adventures. This operational structure allows us to create the optimum hunting experience and expanded opportunities to Moose Hunting, Deer Hunting, Small Game and Cabin Rentals.

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Our bait hunts in 2017 were 89% opportunity, 69% success. Our hound hunts have been 100% for the past ten years. Our moose hunts operate at a 100% opportunity rate at a trophy animal.

We offer Bear, Moose, Deer, and Grouse/Small Game hunts from our lodge. Deer/Grouse are semi-guided hunts with lodging, meals, and a day of guide showing you areas to hunt. We also offer recreational cabin rental opportunities for hunting, fishing, canoeing, hiking, atv’ing, snowmobiling, photography and other outdoor trips. Meals can be available upon request.

You can apply online for your Maine Moose lottery chances at the Moose Lottery Website. The deadline each year is around May 15 for applications, and the draw is in June.

Our fully guided Moose and Bear hunts include the following features:

  • Fully equipped cabin
    • Hot Water & Shower
    • Kitchen
    • Sleeping bunks w/linnens
  • Home Cooked Meals
  • Transportation during the hunt
  • Pre-baited sites (bear hunting)
  • Trophy Care & Preparation
  • 1-1 Guiding (Moose Hunts)
Black Bear Hunting

Our bear hunting opportunities are among the best in the world. The North Maine Woods has one of the highest density of bears, coupled with low hunting pressure and an abundance of food, our hunters our taking bears much above the average in the state of Maine.

Maine Moose Hunting

The Moose is the staple icon across Maine. Moose hunting in Maine is by lottery, but should you draw your tag in Maine in Units 2, 5, 3, 6, 4 & 1, we can put you on that bull moose of a lifetime. The units we hunt in provide the best opportunities at trophy moose!

Maine Deer Hunting

Deer hunting in the North Maine Woods is every hunters paradise. We offer guided, semi-guided and do-it-yourself hunts with direct access to the North Maine Woods. Tracking a big buck in the snow is the best way to get that big woods trophy!

What we offer at Crooked Tree Lodge

We have been guiding bear and moose hunters in Northern Maine for over 20 years. We have been formulating and selling bait for most of that. These two factors, coupled with the highest bear density in the state, allows us to provide some of the best black bear hunting in the world for both bait and hound hunting.

Moose hunting in this region is the best among the entire state, and Boomer is no stranger to putting clients on 50″+ bulls.

Small Game Hunting packages allow you a semi-guided hunting experience for 1 or multiple days. Access to the North Maine Wood’s is just a couple miles down the road from camp.

Our accommodations at Crooked Tree Lodge are second to none, and the food is even better! The meals our cooks prepare is amazing, and is one of the most talked about elements of the experience.

Why Choose Crooked Tree Lodge & Big Boom's Northern Maine Adventures?

Our bear hunting area is over 500 square miles with an exclusive right to the bear hunting. You will not have to deal with other hunters near you from another outfitter or see any houses in this 500 square miles. You will be in the best wilderness setting possible for your hunt, yet have the amenities of civilization at our lodge and cabins.

With over 100 years of experience we'll ensure you have the best experience.

The partnership with Crooked Tree owner, Bill Tobey, in conjunction with previous owner, Denny Davis, creates a team with over 100 years of combined experience and knowledge hunting in the North Maine Woods. The team is committed to making sure you have the hunt of a lifetime and that your stay is as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. Not only is this our goal, but in conjunction with Crooked Tree Lodge, we’re boasting an 89% opportunity rate on our bait hunts (69% success), and 100% success rate on our hound hunts for the past 10 years.

Black Bear Hunting in Maine

Our bear hunting opportunities are among the best in the world. The North Maine Woods has one of the highest density of bears, coupled with low hunting pressure and an abundance of food, our hunters our taking bears much above the average in the state of Maine.

We operate in the North Maine Woods with close to 200 active bait sites on over 500 square miles of the greatest bear habitat in Maine. All our bait sites are baited 30 days prior to your arrival to ensure high bear activity. We monitor our sites daily to ensure that you’re on the most active baits.

Our bear hunts are from Monday – Saturday. You arrive at camp on Sunday, we hunt Monday – Saturday, and depart camp on Sunday morning. 3 day hunts are available upon request – please contact us for more details and availability.

Moose Hunting in Maine

If you’re luck enough to draw the famous Maine Moose tag in the lottery in one of our zones (2,5,3,6,4, & 1), then trust us to put you on the bull of a lifetime. Boomer has been guiding moose hunters for over 20 years, and holds a 100% opportunity rate.

Maine’s moose population is the largest of all the lower 48 states, estimated at 60-70,000 animals. This presents an incredible hunting opportunity for those lucky enough to win a Maine moose permit. And the appeal is no secret — every year, the Maine moose hunt is among the most coveted in the nation, with an average of 50,000 applications for the 2,000 to 3,000 moose permits typically issued.

Maine Deer Hunting

Deer hunting in the North Maine Woods is a long honored tradition.  With early snow falls, comes the ability to track big woods bucks.  We offer direct access to the North Maine woods, with guided hunts, semi-guided hunts and cabin rentals throughout the season.

Tracking giant bucks in the snow is the absolute best way to hunt these whitetails.  They live in the deepest, darkest corners of the North Maine Woods, and we have direct access to their bedrooms.  When the first snows fly, we are able to put you on a buck of a lifetime.

Small Game Hunting in Maine

Upland bird and rabbit hunting opportunities are endless in the North Maine Woods.

With semi-guided hunts and cabin rentals available for hunters, the direct access to the North Maine Woods gives you seemingly endless opportunities at small game animals.  Grouse hunting is a tradition shared by families for generations, and we have some of the best opportunities in the state.

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