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Bear Hunting with Bait

2014 Season Dates: August 28 - September 23
The success rate for our bait hunts is 70%-80% most years. We typically run a 90-100% opportunity and over 150% sightings each year.

We have over 500 square miles that we hunt and have over 150 bait sites where we use between 300 and 400, 55 gallon barrels of bait. We have exclusive rights for the bear hunts in this area. We are using trail cameras on all of our baits. This will tell us what size bear are hitting the baits and at what time each one is doing so. This eliminates us having to put you on a bait two or three nights to tell us the big bear are coming in after dark. Each bait either has a camera on it or has had one in the last few days to tell us that the bear you want is on that bait at the right time.

We also have at least two baits for each hunter that is in the opposite direction of the bait, so we can assure you that we will have the proper wind direction for you each night. We might move you two or three times between these baits during the week if you haven't killed your bear yet, to get the wind direction right each night.

We use wooden and metal tree stands and ground blinds, all with gun rests if you prefer. Our ground blinds are Cabela pop-ups that we use with natural elevation at the bait sites.

We will send you a questionnaire when you book a hunt to find out what you are using for a weapon, what side you shoot from, if you prefer a tree stand or ground blind, and if you like a gun rest or not. We will customize your stand or blind for you personally. We will have these ready, long before you arrive.

We also have dogs that we can trail up wounded bear with. This allows us to recover most of the bear that are hit good enough, but don't leave a blood trail for several hundred yards off the bait. We will recover several bear each year that an outfitter without dogs could never get. We will make the utmost effort to recover all wounded bear.

The bear on bait hunts will average 150 to 200lbs each year. We will take bear in the 300 and 400lb class each year, with the largest being 573lbs. The key to taking larger bear is being patient and letting the smaller bear go. Most of the baits that have big bear on them will also have smaller bear and we will tell you this. Again, if you are patient, you have a good chance of getting a nice bear.


All of our baits are monitored and baited on a daily basis to ensure that we're putting you on active bait sites, where bears are visiting during day light hours to ensure you a successful hunt! To view just a few of the trail camera photo's from the past year, click the below image and browse through.